Our Angus steers have been raised on grass and then finished on natural grains of cracked corn, rolled roasted soy beans, dry molasses, cured hay and minerals for last 90 to 120 days. Every steer is different and finishes differently. We watch each steer until it has been fattened just right. No reconstituted proteins and no growth hormones have been used. We do use antibiotics and worm the animals only when necessary, the same with our grass fed beef. All of our beef products have been dry aged for 14 to 21 days (each steer is different and ages differently). Our products are checked daily by our master butcher during the ageing process. When the product has achieved its perfect balance, the beef is processed, cut and wrapped, vacuum packed and frozen to preserve the intense beef flavor. Most beef products are wet aged to prevent loss of moisture and weight. During the dry ageing process our beef will lose 20% or more of its weight. When you purchase a similar product at the grocery store that has been “wet aged” it will be heavier than our product. Dry ageing intensifies the beef flavor and naturally tenderizes the beef.

Dry Aged Beef

When you open your “Dry Aged” product you will note, most of the time, the butcher has not completely trimmed all of the exterior portions of the beef that show a grayish brown color on some of the fat. This is the “Proof of Aged” mark that a master butcher will leave on the product. It is unnecessary to trim it off unless you choose to.

If you are able to find “Dry Aged Beef” in a grocery store it will be priced significantly more than the regular beef prices due to the reduction in weight from the dehydration process during ageing which is approximately 20%.

Cooking Instructions:

Our beef products, due to the dry ageing process cook very fast. It is recommended that as soon as you see that the “juice” from the beef has a reddish brown color to remove it from the heat to the plate and let it finish cooking on the plate for 5 to 10 minutes. You can always cook it longer, but you can never “un-cook” it. Our beef products should need not other seasoning than just salt and pepper and should be prepared medium-rare to medium. The only exceptions are our roasts. The longer they are in the crock pot the better they are! If you are going to prepare them using something other than a crock pot, remember they will cook very, very fast and will dry out on you because of the “dry aging” process has reduced the “water content” by 20%.

Beef Garlic Bratwurst: This product is our solution to “hot dogs”. The seasoning has no preservatives and no MSG’s! It is all natural and as with all our “Dry Aged” products it will cook very fast. This product is not precooked. The best way to prepare them is in a pot of boiling water or brown them in a skillet on medium heat being careful not to overcook. Our kids love them with a little ketchup and we like them with horseradish and mustard!

DO NOT thaw our beef products in the microwave. Thaw in warm water or in the refrigerator before cooking.


Our “Whole Hog” pork sausage is finished out on our farm with corn, soybeans, molasses and garden vegetables. “Whole Hog” sausage means all the choice cuts (hams and the loins etc. ) of the meat are included in this sausage. The sausage is very lean. (See photos below) Because all of the choice cuts are included in the sausage the meat has a very tender, substantial texture and is perfectly moist. We believe this to be some of the best sausage we have ever had in flavor and texture. Also, it is nice to know that the feed consumed by these animals was all natural, no hormones, processed proteins etc.

None of the seasoning contain any MSG’s.

T&E Classic Sausage (MSG Free)
Ingredients — Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Ginger, Celery, Coriander. (This is a mild flavoring)
Breakfast Sausage (MSG Free)
Ingredients — Salt, Red Pepper, Sage, Sugar, Black Pepper. (This is a more traditional southern style flavor)
Hot Italian (MSG Free)
Ingredients — Salt, Red Pepper, Fennel, Paprika. (The seasoning is not over powering, but has a good spicy flavor)
The David Lee Secret Blend (MSG Free) "It's got a bit of a zip to it"
The ingredients — Well if you knew that it wouldn’t be a secret. (This seasoning has strong black pepper and ginger zip to it, excellent for you sausage gravy people and great mixed into your eggs, with a zesty finish)
  • This is the sausage just placed into the skillet.
  • Sausage just about ready.
  • Notice the minimal grease from the sausage in the skillet.
  • Finished Product! TASTY!


Mt. Crawford Creamery

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Our individual beef and pork products can be purchased at the Mt. Crawford Creamery, locally owned by the Will Family in Mt. Crawford, Virginia.

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