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Welcome to Zion's Farm! We are so glad you found us and we want your shopping experience to be pleasant and enjoyable. Artisan Farmers, David & Cara Lee, have worked for 18 years to produce quality products they are proud to feed their family and they are excited to share them with you!

If you are searching for a custom made, custom raised, custom cut product that you can trust; then look no further! We can tell you exactly where your animal came from and what they were fed. We only deliver a product that has a complex depth of flavor and texture that allows you to take your recipes to another level. Because everything we do is 100% custom, you can expect to pay more compared to factory farm products on the market. We can assure you that the prices you see reflect the extra quality, care and costs that go into creating uniquely intense products that surpass any conventional grocer or butcher shop. Our beef and sausage products are packed with all of the nutritional value your body was intended to receive.

Over the years, David & Cara Lee have worked hard to replicate pre-industrial age beef so that your meal can be comparable to having dinner as a guest of George Washington's at his Mount Vernon, Virginia estate.

We understand shopping for value; but we feel value can be a personal preference. If your value is ensuring the best quality for your family, you’ve found the right place!

American Angus Beef


Pasture Raised

Our animals have been have been raised on grass and rotated in our pastures. They are not confined and forage is not removed from our pastures in an effort to allow the animal to consume whatever it may crave. We strive for a stress free environment where our animals are rarely handled and can enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

Grain Finished

Our Angus steers are finished on natural grains of cracked corn, rolled roasted soy beans, dry molasses, cured hay and minerals for their last 90 to 120 days. We watch each steer until it has been fattened just right to produce a flawless quality product. No reconstituted proteins or growth hormones have been used on our animals.


All of our beef is dry-aged for 7 to 21 days. This range exists because each animal ages differently, and we adjust accordingly. We choose to dry-age our beef to naturally tenderize and to intensify the beef flavor. Once the beef has achieved its perfect balance, it is processed, cut and wrapped, vacuum packed and frozen.

Whole Hog Lean Sausage


As a meat and potato guy I've had plenty of fantastic steaks, mostly ribeyes and filets. I have NEVER had meat as good as yours. Keep up the great work!


I tried the ribeye and it was absolutely amazing. You can't get a steak like that in restaurants and I am definitely going to try their other products!


I have been a customer of Zion’s Farm for the past 6 years. We normally purchase a quarter of beef annually and 20 lbs of sausage. You cannot find this quality of beef for price; the taste is superb!


The ground beef and breakfast sausage are my family's favorite! It's super convenient to be able to select from your wide variety of products at the Mt. Crawford Creamery. Happy customer over here!


I was a winner of 5 lbs of hamburger and I want to say it was some of the best hamburger that I have ever tasted. Will definitely be buying more!


Our family favorites are the Filets & Ribeyes. They were marbled well, tender, cut like butter and oh so flavorful. The sausage is another favorite. Our guests always comment on it's unique seasonings and want to know where to get them. We would recommend Zion's Farm!


I recently had a NY Strip Steak and it was easily one of the best steaks I have ever had. It was so tender and flavorful. I have been recommending it to my friends and family non-stop and cannot wait to try some of the other products made by Zion's Farm!


I loved the way the steaks cooked and tasted. You can see and taste in the quality!
Zion's Farm makes it hard for me to justify buying steak from a grocery store.


The flavor was amazing! We experienced a Filet and a New York Strip. The meat was not only flavorful, but also tender and perfectly portioned. We look forward to more of this great beef! We give them an Excellent rating



We know how important it is to know exactly where your food comes from, and we work hard to bring you the same nutritious, homegrown meat that we feed our family with delivery options that are easy and fit your lifestyle.

Flat Rate Shipping

We ship our products weekly to the contiguous United States at a flat rate shipping fee by region.

Local Delivery

We provide weekly deliveries of our meat and farm products to locals near Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, VA.

Farm Pickup

We offer order pickups at our farm in Linville, VA by appointment, at a time that is convenient for you.

Ready to bring the farm home to you? Learn more about our delivery & pickup options.



Located just 10 miles outside of Harrisonburg, Zion's Farm sits on 215 rolling acres in the small town of Linville, Virginia. The farm was purchased in 2004 by owners David and Cara Lee where they spent over a decade raising their children. They continue to raise beef and hogs on their family farm as a way for their family to continue eating healthy, wholesome products. Their main focus is eliminating processed foods from their diets and producing natural, preservative-free products for their family and their community to enjoy.