Our Farm

Located just 10 miles outside of Harrisonburg, Zion's Farm sits on 215 rolling acres in the small town of Linville, Virginia.

The farm was purchased in 2004 by owners David and Cara Lee where they spent over a decade raising their children.
They continue to raise beef cattle and hogs on their family farm as a way for their family to continue eating healthy, wholesome products.
Their main focus is eliminating processed foods from their diets and producing natural, preservative-free products for their family and their community to enjoy.

Today, Zion's Farm is virtually self-sufficient — hay gathered on the farm is used for feed and manure is used to fertilize the gardens. The cattle graze on only natural supplements and the Lee family is careful not to overgraze them. Each animal is given individual attention and space to grow and develop naturally on a clean, well cared for pasture and covered barn. Absolutely no hormones or GMOs are added by Zion's Farm. 


Our Meat

Zion's Farm was founded on a philosophy that works with both animal and nature to produce quality products we can be proud of. From the vast space our cattle enjoy to the grains they consume, we always make sure that every aspect of our farm is utilized to maintain the high standards we have worked hard to build. Because of this, Zion's Farm is able to produce spectacular all natural, no hormones added and chemical free meat products we know our community and customers will enjoy. ​

Our principles of stewardship, attention to detail, and care for our animals truly place our meat cuts above what can be commonly found in today's marketplace. In the end you can both taste and feel the difference.

Our meat is processed locally and USDA certified.

 American Angus Beef

Whole Hog Lean Sausage


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