Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Zion's Farm choose to produce natural meat instead of organic meat?

Zion's Farm has chosen the all natural process because of the balance it provides. We want the animal to be 100% healthy and parasite-free. When you put a fence around a grazing animal, he can't search for what he needs and is more likely to contract a parasite, which isn't what we want for our animals or our meat. We aim to work with nature, not against it, so we do use antibiotics, when needed - which is rare. Our animals are treated on a case-by-case basis, never given artificial hormones and we are careful not to overgraze.

What's the difference between natural and organic meat?

Organic Meat means the meat has never received antibiotics, artificial hormones. Natural may have received some of either of those, but our natural products receive very limited antibiotics and absolutely no added hormones.

Does Zion's Farm meat contain any additives?

Our beef & sausage products are fed a healthy diet that does not contain any GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and no chemicals are added to our products for preservation. Our products do not contain any MSG (flavor enhancers) that are commonly added to processed meats. Our farm is really clean, and our animals are very healthy and rarely require any treatment. However, should an animal become ill, we will take all necessary measures to ensure our animals don't suffer and maintain the highest quality of meat which means antibiotics are only administered if absolutely necessary.

What does "grass fed, grain finished" mean?

Our beef are not factory-farmed beef, they have free range/rotational grazing on the farm but are also fed nutrient rich non-GMO grains to help give them rich marbling.

Why is the beef dry-aged?

​At Zion’s Farm, we choose to dry age our product to intensify the beef flavor and naturally tenderize the beef. During the dry aging process, our beef will lose up to 20 percent or more of its water weight. Most beef products found in grocery stores are wet aged to prevent loss of moisture and weight, which means these products similar to ours will be heavier than our product. Dry aged beef found in grocery stores can be difficult to find, and they will be priced significantly more than the regular beef prices, due to the reduction in weight from the dehydration process during aging.

What is Proof of Aging?

When you open your dry aged product, most of the time you will see the butcher has not completely trimmed all of the exterior portions of the beef that show a grayish brown color on some of the fat. This is the “Proof of Aging” mark that a master butcher will leave on the product and the customer can choose to trim it off or leave it.

Why is Zion's Farm meat so expensive?

We've chosen to take the Artisan Farmer path vs. the Production Agriculture path at Zion's Farm. As Artisan Farmers, we are free to customize a product that is full of the nutrients your body needs while maintaining a high quality we are proud to feed to our own family! Our superior product is wholesome, healthy, has incredible flavor and is hand inspected by the farm owner. Each of our custom raised steers produces only 40 lbs of steaks leaving us with a very limited supply - especially since we have repeat customers that have been known to buy out our entire steak supply at any given time. We do not cut corners and our prices reflect all of the specific care and additional resources that go into producing a unique, intense and complex beef product.