Meat Lover's Sampler

Meat Lover's Sampler

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This box is perfect if you're a meat lover or for a meat lover in your life! It is also an excellent way to compare our red and black label flavors to determine which one you love best!


  • 1 each of our Red Label & Black Label Cube Steak packs
  • 1 each of our Red Label & Black Label Beef Stew Meat packs
  • 1 each of our Red Label & Black Label Ground Beef packs
  • 1 each of our Blue Label Breakfast, T&E Classic and Hot Italian Sausage packs

Our beef stew meat, ground beef, breakfast sausage, T&E Classic sausage and hot Italian sausage all come in approximate 1 lb packs. Our cube steaks come 4 steaks per pack.

Black Label: Our American angus beef that is dry-aged for no less than 21 days. Born, raised and pampered on the farm. No hormones or gross added! Enjoy an intense, robust flavor, and very tender meat!

Red Label: Our American angus beef that has no added hormones! It is dry-aged for 7-10 days and has a traditional, Shenandoah Valley, farm-raised taste, with beautiful marbling.

Blue Label: Our “Whole Hog” pork sausage is finished out on our farm with corn, soybeans, molasses and garden vegetables. “Whole Hog” sausage means all the choice cuts (hams and the loins etc.) of the meat are included in this sausage. The sausage is very lean. Because all of the choice cuts are included in the sausage, the meat has a very tender, substantial texture and is perfectly moist. The feed consumed by these animals was all natural, no hormones or processed proteins.